Creando Código

Próximamente estarán disponibles los proyectos para niñas creando Código. Dirigido a niñas y profesores de primaria El proyecto se realizará en las comunidades que nos lo soliciten

New Gadget Brings Fish Up From the Ocean’s “Twilight Zone”

The portable decompression chamber allows SCUBA-diving scientists to safely collect specimens without them, well, exploding. In recent years, SCUBA technology has advanced, making it possible for researchers to dive into the twilight-like mesophotic zone 200 to 500 feet underwater. There, they can get hands-on with hundreds of little-studied coral and fish species. Read more: Leer másNew Gadget Brings Fish Up From the Ocean’s “Twilight Zone”[…]

Equitable Internet Initiative | Allied Media Projects

The Equitable Internet Initiative The Equitable Internet Initiative is a collaboration between the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP), Allied Media Projects (AMP), Grace in Action Collectives, WNUC Community Radio, and the Church of the Messiah’s Boulevard Harambe Program. From July, 2016 to January, 2018, we will work together to ensure that more Detroit residents have Leer másEquitable Internet Initiative | Allied Media Projects[…]