Cosmonauts Discover The Biggest Ever Supernova

This blast created a massive ball of hot gas that the astronomers are studying through telescopes around the world, Ohio State said. It cannot be seen with the naked eye because it is 3.8 billion light years from Earth.

Patient 4 reported having the memory of fishing on a boat on a lake with his sons and catching a large green and white fish. On later questioning, these events were autobiographical. They had actually occurred in the past, and were accurately reported according to their relatives. Also, the stimulation caused brain activation, generally switching “on” the areas that are turned “off” in Alzheimer’s. This effect lasted for a year (the length of the study so far). And there were no major side-effects. All in all, these results are quite interesting, but we don’t know how well the treatment really works. And we won’t know until someone does a randomized controlled trial with a longer follow-up period.